• Mortality –– Christopher Hitchens
    • One almost develops a kind of elitism about the uniqueness of one's own personal disorder. [[pain]]
  • The Anthropocene Reviewed –– John Green
    • I'm not sure whether it's even possible to talk about the suffering of others without exploiting that suffering, whether you can write about pain without glorifying or enabling or degrading it. [[pain]]
      • I would have been grateful if, in the midst of the pain, it had suddenly disappeared. Maybe we forget so that we can go on. [[Mortality - Christopher Hitchens]]
      • But we are hardwired to look for patterns, to make constellations from the starts. There must be some logic to the narrative, some reason for the misery.
      • I know they were trying to tell me (and themselves) a tightly plotted, thematically consistent story, but there's little comfort to be found in such stories when you damn well they aren't true.