6717 - A Digital Monument

Below is a walk-through of the website, but you can interact with it yourself here.

6717 is a visual tribute in the form of a website. The website isn't a digital reconstruction of the car itself, but a recreation and visual representation of my relationship with the space itself. I take you through the elements that make this space special to me and the memories associated with different areas within the car. I rely heavily on the action of scrolling to give viewers the sense of moving through these memories and having them whizz past us as we aimlessly drive through the city. Shai's car is more than an ordinary vehicle –– it's a safe-space, a place where we've sung our hearts out, built several friendships, escaped from reality, and so much more. I used the particularly peculiar time we were in as an opportunity to reflect on the freedoms and privileges we all so easily take advantage of - the car was nearby, yet inaccessible during the lockdown. The website is built using HTML, CSS and Javascript, contains over 21 hand-drawn illustrations and shares some insight into some extra special moments.

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