Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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Day 1Day 01 - @jokomango

Day 2Day 02 - @mantas_gr

Day 3Day 03 - @sebacuri and @henriquebarone

Day 4Day 04 - @chrismartz, @nexusstories for Headspace

Day 5Day 05 - @madebyradio for @hellomondaydotcom

Day 6Day 06 - @fridulph for @animadetv

Day 7Day 07 - @faboucny

Day 8Day 08 - @michaelwilliamlester

Day 9Day 09 - @jonasmosesson

Day 10Day 10 - Inspired by @rocketpanda @marcodevecchi92 and @keyn8

Day 11Day 11 - @niceshitstudio for @upperhand_official

Day 12Day 12 - @plankton_collective

Day 13Day 13 - @danrstackanimation

Day 14Day 14 - for @awwwards

Day 15Day 15 - @benmariott for @furrylittlepeach

Day 16Day 16 - @robin_davey

Day 17Day 17 - @basmooijstudio and @zwartekoffie

Day 18Day 18 - @stephenonguk for @makeitmoveuk

Day 19Day 19 - Something original!

Day 20Day 20 - @hello.lucho

Day 21Day 21 - @slimjimstudios

Day 22Day 22 - @giantantstagram

Day 23Day 23 - @lobster_studio

Day 24Day 24 - @joelehuquet

Day 25Day 25 - @oddfellowstv for @adobe

I started out this project in an attempt to improve my animation skills –– I was familiar with the software, but was dry on ideas and what to do with it. One of the biggest challenges with this project was simply showing up every day for 25 days. By the time I was done recreating one animation, it was time to move on to the next. I understand that this was a rather unconventional and maybe controversial way of approaching motion design. However, I was able to learn quite a bit just by mimicking and "stealing from my favourite artists". I had to break down each finished animation into it's components, understand which parts were frame-by-frame and which were animated shape layers and finally do the work of recreating it. All credits to the amazing original artists I was able to learn from during the course of this project.

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